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About you and your business

You must be a self-representing artist, designer or maker AND resident in the UK to sell on myCrafty.

Below outlines the criteria for what is allowed to be listed on myCrafty and also some specific examples of what is not allowed. myCrafty reserves the right to remove prohibited items without notice.

Item allowed for sale on myCrafty

Handmade goods

An item that is handmade by you through a craft practice.

Craft supplies

We allow the sale of craft supplies, whether the items are handmade by you or mass produced. Supplies can be anything which can be used for crafting, providing they don’t break any laws within the country of origin and the sales destination. Pre-bought items that you are re-selling must be listed as such.

Prohibited item on myCrafty

Items which infringe copyright

for more information visit https://www.gov.uk/topic/intellectual-property/copyright

Adult and pornographic items

Items which are deemed to be pornographic or of an “adult nature” (interpretation of which is determined by myCrafty) are prohibited. If unsure you are recommended to contact us before listing. This includes items containing offensive language, imagery or gestures.

Illegal or hazardous or dangerous Items

This includes items such as weapons, knives or chemicals.


Alcoholic beverages which, by law, require a license to sell are not allowed.

Vintage Items

unless upcycled i.e. it’s original function has been significantly altered for example re-upholstered, painted, printed or decoupaged.

Refurbishing and restoration of an item such as furniture is not classed as a significant change and therefore not suitable for sale on myCrafty.

Nicotine, E-cigarettes and E-liquids

Any products which contain nicotine are not allowed. Additionally we do not allow vaping equipment including e-cigarettes or e-liquids, whether or not they contain any nicotine

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